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These steers will sell at the NAILE and will be a pen of three. (plus one alternate if you're wondering why there are four steers) All of the steers will show 9am and sell on Saturday November 14th at public auction at 4pm.  These steers will sell and will not come home no matter what they bring as it is late in the year and my kids aren't old enough to show yet.  These are NOT leftover steers.  I have put this group of steers together for this show and sale with the idea to try and do very well at it. If you have questions, please call 937-725-5687.  Thank you!  Jake

 Monopoly x Simmy x Angus

This steer has an awesome look and will feed easy.  March calf.



The Cattle CO







    Monopoly   x         Ice Pick x Meyer Cow

This steer just came in a few weeks ago and is as stout as you will find one with huge bone, butt, and yak hair!  He started out at Sullivans and was a little harder to break, but we've got him ready to go now!  Two face is his name as he has a big black spot on the other side of his head.  You have to see this one!

Tag #17 Monopoly x Popper (Chi Maine)

Awesome look and front to this powerful female.  She will show!  April calf. Private Treaty for sale from home.

Rock Star x Who Made Who

This March calf is super sound, awesome haired, and has great width and muscle!

 Rock Star x Who Made Who

Awesome potential with this North Dakota steer.  He will show great at a state fair!

Tag #11 Pale Face x Heatseeker ET

This Calf is very special to me as I purchased it from Larry Campbell this past spring. I want to place this calf in a very good home that will help him reach his full potential. Larry is selling his Heatseeker Donor dam in the season finale sale this year.  If you haven't seen Brad Hook's videos of Larry yet, do yourself a favor and watch them by clicking here.  These videos are great to remind us the influential cattleman Larry was and even more important, the truly great friend he was.